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ARTICLE: The Boston Tea Party - No Taxation Without Representation

The Boston Tea Party is one of the most cherished stories from the founding of our country. This is one of the events that inspired the American colonists to stand up against tyranny imposed on them from the British government. We have heard a lot about the Tea Party of today so [MORE]

ARTICLE: I Am America

This text is written from the point of view, that if the land of America could talk, what it may say to the people, telling them of the freedom that can be had in America. Quotes from some of the greatest men that this nation has ever known. The great diversity that is this great[MORE]

ARTICLE: John Adams Teaches Us How to Overcome

Today we are facing so many social, political and economic difficulties that many people wonder whether we will be able to overcome them. Questioning whether we are able to turn around a failing system is a pertinent question because, when honestly asked, it confronts reality. A [MORE]

ARTICLE: American Morality - A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon

Has the United States lost it's basic principle of morality? Has the United States moved away from the guiding principles that this country was founded on?[MORE]

ARTICLE: A Declaration About America's Founding

Today, Colonel Wife and I will be hosting our annual Fourth of July Block Party out in the front yard. We've been killing ourselves getting the place spruced up (imagine inviting all your friends and family, and everyone in your 300-home neighborhood, into your garage), like we h[MORE]

ARTICLE: Interview with Benjamin Franklin

It was my honor to sit down with Benjamin Franklin to discuss his views on some of the common topics of the day as well as his view of what the "American Dream" is. The following post contains that interview and some interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin.[MORE]

ARTICLE: American Revolution and War for Independence

This paper is dedicated to the history of American Revolution and the War for Independence. The primary purpose of the survey given here is to carry out an analysis of the events of the late 18th century in the British colonies in North America on the basis of vast historical mat[MORE]

ARTICLE: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" - But In Current Textbooks the Context of These Words is Deleted

While I didn't write or compile this mountain of support information, I would ask you offer a humble prayer of thanks for that man or woman who did. Now it my/our privilege to offer free~reprint rights to others who dare to share the truth. Respectifully ,Russ Miles [MORE]

ARTICLE: Continental Association created by the Articles of Association

The Continental Association, often known simply as the “Association“, was a system created by the First Continental Congress on October 20, 1774, for implementing a trade boycott with Great Britain. Congress hoped that by imposing economic sanctions, Great Britain wou[MORE]

ARTICLE: Show Me Any Other Country

AMERICANS, in general, regard socialism as something alien and unrelated to America, and would never consider joining the Socialist party. Yet, they clamor loudly for every piece of socialistic legislation which is offered-so long as it is sugar-coated with an American label or w[MORE]

ARTICLE: The First Leftist

Our founding fathers, along with the first Leftists who were of the same political faith, were well aware that individual freedom and personal responsibility for one's own welfare are equal and inseparable parts of the same truth. They knew that history amply supports this tru[MORE]

ARTICLE: Declaration of Independence - What It Means Now

The following is last chapter in a book called, “The Story of the Declaration of Independence”. Malone, Dumas (1954) The Story of the Declaration of Independence, New York: Oxford University Press. This chapter is found on pages 266-268 and is included in its entirety below[MORE]

ARTICLE: Analysis and Effect of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration may be divided into three parts, and it put an end to the inconsistency of the colonial position.[MORE]

BOOK: The Essential Wisdom of the Founding Fathers

The Essential Wisdom of the Founding Fathers collects more than three hundred inspiring and instructive quotations from the men who were present at our nation's inception. Drawn from their speeches, essays, proclamations, and declarations, the thematically arranged contents refle[MORE]

PEOPLE: Edmund Pendleton

Edmund Pendleton (September 9, 1721 – October 23, 1803) was a Virginia planter, politician, lawyer and judge. He served in the Virginia legislature before and during the American Revolutionary War, rising to the position of Speaker. Pendleton attended the First Continental Cong[MORE]

Quote 141 details Share on Google+ - Quote 141 Linked In Share Button - Quote 141 Those who think themselves injured by their rulers are sometimes, by a mild and prudent answer, convinced of their error. But where complaining is a crime, hope becomes despair.

Benjamin Franklin: Letter to Thomas Cushing (15 Feb. 1774)

Quote 173 details Share on Google+ - Quote 173 Linked In Share Button - Quote 173 The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.

Alexander Hamilton: The Federalist Papers
The Federalist Papers
Quoted Document: The Federalist Papers

Quote 175 details Share on Google+ - Quote 175 Linked In Share Button - Quote 175 I hope our people will keep up their courage. i have not doubt of their finally succeeding by the blessing of GOD, nor have I any doubt that so good a cause will fail of that blessing

Benjamin Franklin: Letter to an unknown correspondent (25 Oct. 1776)

Quote 178 details Share on Google+ - Quote 178 Linked In Share Button - Quote 178 Let us recollect that peace or war will not always be left to our option; that however moderate or unambitious we may be, we cannot count upon the moderation, or hope to extinguish the ambition of others.

Alexander Hamilton: Federalist No. 34, January 4, 1788
The Federalist Papers
Quoted Document: The Federalist Papers

Quote 233 details Share on Google+ - Quote 233 Linked In Share Button - Quote 233 However weak our country may be, I hope we shall never sacrifice our liberties. .

Alexander Hamilton: Report on a National Bank, December 13, 1790

Quote 268 details Share on Google+ - Quote 268 Linked In Share Button - Quote 268 FAMILY - When we launch our little Fleet of Barques into the Ocean, bound to different Ports, we hope for each a prosperous Voyage; but contrary Winds, hidden Shoals, Storms and Enemies, come in for a Share in the Disposition of Events; and though those occasion a Mixture of Disappointment, yet considering the Risque where we can make no Insurance, we should think ourselves happy if some return with Success.

Benjamin Franklin: Letter to Jonathan Shipley (Feb 24. 1786)

Quote 276 details Share on Google+ - Quote 276 Linked In Share Button - Quote 276 Much of the Strength and Efficiency of any Government in procuring and securing Happiness to the People depends on Opinion, on the general Opinion of the Goodness of that Government as well as of the Wisdom and Integrity of its Governors. I hope therefore that for our own Sakes, as a Part of the People, and for the sake of our Posterity we shall act heartily and unanimously in recommending this Constitution, wherever our Influence may extend, and turn our future Thoughts and Endeavors to the Means of having it well administered.

Benjamin Franklin: Speech on Sept. 17 1787

Quote 342 details Share on Google+ - Quote 342 Linked In Share Button - Quote 342 It becomes all therefore who are friends of a Government based on free principles to reflect, that by denying the possibility of a system partly federal and partly consolidated, and who would convert ours into one either wholly federal or wholly consolidated, in neither of which forms have individual rights, public order, and external safety, been all duly maintained, they aim a deadly blow at the last hope of true liberty on the face of the Earth.

James Madison: Notes on Nullification

Quote 451 details Share on Google+ - Quote 451 Linked In Share Button - Quote 451 I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.

George Washington: letter to Francis Van der Kamp, May 28, 1788

Quote 454 details Share on Google+ - Quote 454 Linked In Share Button - Quote 454 I hope, some day or another, we shall become a storehouse and granary for the world.

George Washington: letter to Marquis de Lafayette, June 19, 1788

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