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Religion: Episcopalian
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John Penn was a native of the county of Caroline, in the province of Virginia, where he was born on the seventeenth day of May, 1741. He was the only child of his parents, Moses and Catharine Penn.

The early education of young Penn was greatly neglected by his parents, who appear in no degree to have appreciated the value of knowledge. Hence, on his reaching the age of eighteen, he had only enjoyed the advantages conferred by a common school, and these for the space of but two or three years.

The death of Mr. Penn occurred in the year 1759, on which event his son became his own guardian, and the sole manager of the fortune left him, which, though not large, was competent. It was fortunate that his principles, at this early age, were in a good degree established; otherwise he might, at this unguarded period of life, left as he was without paternal counsel and direction, have become the dupe of the unprincipled, or giving loose to licentious passions, have ruined himself by folly
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John Penn Genealogy

Moses Penn (1712 - 1759)
Catherine Taylor Penn (1719 - 1759)

Susannah Lyne (1743 - ____)

Infant Child Penn
Lucy M Penn (1766 - 1831)

John Penn Tivia

John Penn was challenged to a duel by Henry Laurens, but the duel was called off after helping Laurens when he stumbled as they crossed the street.
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1740 06/06   Birth of John Penn
1788 09/14   Death of John Penn
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Biography for John Penn (1741 - 1788)
Biography for John Penn
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My first wish is for America to be free.

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