Lyman Hall - (1724 - 1790)

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Religion: Congregationalist
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Lyman Hall Biography

Little is known by this writer of Lyman Hall's early life except that he was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, on April 12, 1724. He later moved to South Carolina and then on to Georgia.

Hall was a physician and perhaps it was the pursuit of that profession which inspired his movement south. Whatever the cause of his migration he apparently earned the esteem of his neighbors in Georgia and at some point became involved enough in politics that the Georgia convention sent him as the only delegate from Georgia to the first Continental Congress. The record shows virtually no participation by Hall and reflects that he did not even vote claiming that he represented only a small section, not the entire state.

Nevertheless, he was returned to the second Continental Congress and brought relief supplies and money for the people of Massachusetts involved in the revolt. Again he did not participate in debates and did not vote but he put forth good effort in the committees to which he was
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Lyman Hall Genealogy

John Hall (1693 - 1773)
Mary Street Hall (1698 - 1778)

Mary Osborne Hall (1736 - 1793)
Abigail Burr Hall (1729 - 1753)

John Hall (1765 - 1792)

Mary Hall Foote (____ - 1792)

Events in the life of Lyman Hall


1724 04/12   Birth of Lyman Hall
1790 10/19   Death of Lyman Hall
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Lyman Hall

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Quotes by Lyman Hall

Quote 1071 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1071 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1071 There—for your entertainment & amusement, will pass before you in Review the rise and fall of succeding Empires, from the birth of time to the present period—there you will at leisure Review the various Stages, and shifting scenes of the last glorious Revolution, in which you, Sir, with your compatriot Army, have reaped the Laurels of the well-fought Field, and returned triumphant with the plaudit of a gazing World. there, you will enjoy the pleasing satisfaction of viewing, as the fruit of your services in those "anxious days and nights" spent in conflicting War, an Empire rising with unrivalled dignity—And there—not confined to the present sphere, your contemplations will expand, and look forward to the brighter scenes of Eternity, and anticipate that future glory which the "pure and benign light of Revelation" most perfective of human Virtue, has taught you so firmly to realize—and there—will you, greatly perfect in those virtues which "were the characteristic of the divine author of our blessed Religion, & in humble imitation of whom," you will ripen for that seat of immortal felicity, to which, when satisfied with life, may you be raptured by an Escort of Guardian Angels. I have the honor to be with all imaginable respect

Lyman Hall: letter to George Washington, 15 August 1783

Quote 1070 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1070 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1070 With them Sir I sincerely and most heartily join; now can I in more emphatical language express my esteem, my gratitude & my devoutest wishes for your future fame and happiness; than is done in those earnest recommendations of the Assembly.

Lyman Hall: letter to George Washington, 15 August 1783

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