Founding Father Trivia

Below is a list of some interesting triva and facts about the Founding Fathers. You can take the Founding Father Trivia Quiz to see how well you know them.

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John Adams Trivia

John Adams was the first Vice President of the United States
John Adams was the second president of the United States
John Adams published a series of political essays under the pen name "Novanglus"
John Adams was the first president to live in the White House when he came to Washington, D.C. in November of 1800
John Adams taught grammar school after he graduated from Harvard
John Adams and his wife gave their children an inoculation for small pox
John Adams was the only signer of the Declaration of Independence besides Thomas Jefferson to become President of the United States.

Samuel Adams Trivia

Samuel Adams had to pay a fine as a college student because he overslept and missed morning prayers

Charles Carroll Trivia

Charles Carroll was the longest living signer. He died at the age of 95 after John Adams.
Charles Carroll helped found the B&O railroad

Benjamin Franklin Trivia

Benjamin Franklin is credited for inventing bi-focal reading glasses
Benjamin Franklin was also know by the pen name of "Silence Dogood"
Benjamin Franklin followed a vegetarian diet for several years as a young man
Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence
Benjamin Franklin was the author of "Poor Richards Almanac"
Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod and prevented many homes from being destroyed
Benjamin Franklin was stricken so badly with gout that he had to be carried on a divan chair by inmates of a nearby jail to the Constitutional Convention in 1787
Benjamin Franklin organized the very first volunteer fire department
Benjamin Franklin was known as the "Prophet of Tolerance" because of his advocacy of religious tolerance
Benjamin Franklin published the first political cartoon, called "Join or Die"
Benjamin Franklin created the first public hospital in Philadelphia to treat the poor or mentally ill
Benjamin Franklin whose views of marriage were functional at best, had a common-law wife.

Button Gwinnett Trivia

Button Gwinnett died after a duel with General Lachlan McIntosh

Alexander Hamilton Trivia

Alexander Hamilton currently has his portrait on the $10 US bill

John Hancock Trivia

John Hancock was present at the coronation of King George III
John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence boldly, and centered on the page, so that King George III would not need to use his spectacles to see it
John Hancock was on a business mission for his uncle to England, where he was present at the funeral rites of George II., and the coronation ceremonies of George III

Patrick Henry Trivia

Patrick Henry said "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death"

Joseph Hewes Trivia

Joseph Hewes was engaged to be married, but his fiancee died a few days before the wedding.

Thomas Heyward Trivia

Thomas Heyward fell overboard en route to Philadelphia and saved himself by clinging to the rudder until rescued

Francis Hopkinson Trivia

Francis Hopkinson took credit for the design of the United States flag, and requested a case of wine as payment

Thomas Jefferson Trivia

Thomas Jefferson was considered the primary author of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson was the Third President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson died on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1826
Thomas Jefferson was fluent in seven languages including Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian and German
Thomas Jefferson sold his book collection to Congress to be used as the beginning of the Library of Congress

Thomas Lynch Trivia

Thomas Lynch was lost at see with his wife while sailing to the West Indies

James Madison Trivia

James Madison served as the Fourth President of the United States
James Madison was called the "Father of The Constitution"
James Madison proposed the first twelve amendments to the Constitution
James Madison had two vice presidents die wile serving under him as president

James Monroe Trivia

James Monroe at 5 foot 4 inches and 100 pounds, was the lightest U.S. President

Thomas Nelson Trivia

Thomas Nelson urged the military to turn artillery on his own house to dislodge a group of British officers

James Otis Trivia

James Otis was killed by a lightning strike

William Paca Trivia

William Paca was on the commission to oversee the construction of the Maryland State House
William Paca gave up his wealth to outfit troops for the Continental Army

Robert Treat Paine Trivia

Robert Treat Paine was admitted to Harvard College at the age of fourteen years, and graduated with the usual honors
Robert Treat Paine was offered the appointment of a side judge when John Adams was appointed as Chief Justice for the province of Massachusetts
Robert Treat Paine waschosen Attorney-General of Massachusetts in 1777 by unanimous vote, and in 1790 was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court.

Thomas Paine Trivia

Thomas Paine author of "Common Sense", a pamphlet published in Philadelphia in January 1776

John Penn Trivia

John Penn was challenged to a duel by Henry Laurens, but the duel was called off after helping Laurens when he stumbled as they crossed the street.

George Read Trivia

George Read was the only signer of the Declaration of Independence that voted against it on July 2nd 1776

Edward Rutledge Trivia

Edward Rutledge was the youngest, at 26, signer of the Declaration of Independence

Roger Sherman Trivia

Roger Sherman was the only founding father to sign The Association of 1774, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation as well as the Constitution
Roger Sherman used the name "A Countryman" when writing a series of newspaper letters to the people of Connecticut supporting the Constitution

Richard Stockton Trivia

Richard Stockton was the first of four of the signers of the Declaration of Independence to be taken prisoner during the Revolutionary War

George Taylor Trivia

George Taylor had seven children; two children by his wife and five children by his housekeeper

Matthew Thornton Trivia

Matthew Thornton was appointed in 1745 as surgeon of the New Hampshire troops, and accompanied them in the expedition against Louisburg

George Washington Trivia

George Washington served as the first President of the United States
George Washington did not sigh the Declaration of Independence because he was to busy commanding the army
George Washington was the only founding father to be president that did not attend college
George Washington only had one of his own teeth left at his death, with dentures made of ivory, bone and human teeth
George Washington would greet people with a bow instead of a handshake while president

James Wilson Trivia

James Wilson was from Scotland, signed the Declaration of Independence as well as was instrumental in drafting the Constitution
James Wilson was appointed to the Supreme Court, and was also jailed and held in debtors prison

John Witherspoon Trivia

John Witherspoon was a descendant of john Knox, who led the Protestant Reformation in Scotland
John Witherspoon ran the College of New Jersey and later Princeton

George Wythe Trivia

George Wythe was murdered by his great-nephew by arsenic poisoning