Josiah Bartlett: Founding Father Quote

Josiah Bartlett Quote
United States Founding Father

Quote 1022 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1022 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1022 That God would be pleased to look down with an eye of compassion upon the whole human race, and dispel those clouds of ignorance, superstition and bigotry that overspread so great a part of the world, and that the knowledge of and reverential love and regard to the One God and Father, of all, and a true benevolence and good will to their fellow men, may pervade the hearts, and influence the lives of all mankind, and all Nations, Languages and Tongues be brought to join in singing, Glory to God in the highest, on Earth Peace and good will to men.

Josiah Bartlett: proclamation issued on October 5, 1793

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